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Crackerjack IT

Transform Chaos into Efficiency - Designing, Coding, and Customizing Dynamic Systems


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Crackerjack-IT is an experienced RepSpark integrator. Their team of developers and ecommerce experts has worked with RepSpark customers to integrate back-end systems with the RepSpark API.

Crackerjack-IT Specializes in API Integrations
Enhance functionality by using APIs to connect to suppliers, vendors, shopping apps, and more. API integrations simplify your business with increased automation, consolidation, and productivity. With seamless communication, API integrations provide a more modern approach to solving the data and information challenges that many businesses face. 


Data Migrations

A data migration can be a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. Let us analyze your current platform and provide a roadmap to populate your new platform successfully.


OrderIQ is an order-scrubbing platform that uses custom business rules to effortlessly fix 95% of order discrepancies before they become issues for you or your customers.

EDI Integrations

Link with the ideal product. Navigate installation & customization so your connection to the supply chain is reliable, fully automated & compliant with partner requirements.

Top API Management Provider

Crackerjack-IT was named a Top API Management Provider of 2023 by CIO Applications magazine.