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Golf Tournament Association of America

The #1 Golf Tournament Industry Expert and Resource


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For over 30 years the GTAA has had only one simple mission: To assist you in hosting the best Golf Tournament or Outing possible. Whether you are thinking about hosting a golf outing, just getting started or have been doing an event for years, we are here to serve you. Our job is to give you all of the information and organizational tools that you will need to not only feel confident but also execute great Tournaments, Outing and Events.


Tournament Education & Planning Tools

GTAA offers an 18-step planning guide to run a flawless golf tournament. They also offer free manuals that cover every aspect of starting and running a successful charity or corporate golf tournament. 

Service Organization

Whether you do one event per year, host several events, want to start a new business, sell more products and services, book more events or just keep up with the Golf Tournament and Outing Business. We can help. With years of experience, we can assist you with any need that you may have.

GTAA Certification Programs

We offer THREE Certification programs that offer many benefits: Education, Credibility, Knowledge, Confidence, Image, Advancement, Networking, Promotion, Coaching and Ongoing Training.

(1) Certified Golf Tournament Planner

An education and certification program for full time executives and employees of nonprofit organizations that offers information to assist them in producing successful events and shows employees their expertise.

(2) Certified Golf Tournament Consultant

A Golf Tournament Consultant is one who helps others with their events. Through direction, advice and offering anything that they need to produce a successful event. The ideal Consultant will offer: Consulting, Event Planning, Merchandise, Services, Golf Course booking, Auctions, Travel Packages, Educational Materials, Seminars and Training.

(3) Tournament Certified Golf Course

A Golf Course that is committed to assisting and helping their Tournament Customers. Completed the training and testing offered through the GTAA. Recognized in their area as a Golf Course that serves their community by helping Charities and Non-Profits.