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Rock Returns

End-to-end returns processing for apparel and footwear brands.


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Never Worry About Returns Again.
RockReturns restocks 99% of your returned merchandise in a matter of days to be sold as new inventory. We are your end-to-end returns management team, providing a more cost-effective and meticulous solution. Unlocking revenue from your returns is our sole focus and core business.

High-Touch Apparel Returns Processing
RockReturns receives your customer's returns and inspects, cleans, and repackages the merchandise according to your specifications. We re-label items, palletize them, and ship them back to your warehouse to be sold again as new. We do it all within3 days of receiving a return. No more backlogs, no more seasonality spikes, no more wasted inventory.

Why RockReturns?
Your 3PL hates returns. Your warehouse hates returns. Your finance and ops teams passionately hate returns. Heck, even you probably hate returns! You know who loves them? We do. We absolutely love what we do. We take care of your returned merchandise as if it was our very own. We are so proud of the select brands that we work with. We look forward to working with you as well!


Turn returns into like-new inventory

Returns are re-processed into like-new inventory quickly and defective returns are pulled from circulation

Retag Returns

Returned SKUs are tagged accurately for future customers

Use your existing tools

Returns are processed directly in your returns management platform

Eliminate return backlogs

No more return backlogs, clogging up financial and ops reports

Handle seasonal spikes with ease

Seasonality volume spikes are seamlessly managed

Transparent pricing

No pricing surprises - most contracts are done on a simple per-returned-item basis.